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Auditing Colts Team Needs: Colts cornerback Isaiah Rodgers Sr. is the real deal

Perhaps no player has shown more growth on the defense this season than Isaiah Rodgers Sr. He is competing at an elite level and earning his right to stay no the field.

NFL: NOV 06 Colts at Patriots Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Auditing the Colts Team Needs

The Colts traveled to Las Vegas to take on Josh McDaniels and the Raiders and walked out with a 25-20 victory in Jeff Saturday's coaching debut. The surprises didn't have to wait for kickoff, as Saturday made his first big roster move elevating Matt Ryan back to being the teams starting QB. An improved offensive outing, dominant defensive performance, and an overall boost in energy helped propel the team to a needed win. This brings us to this week’s edition of “Auditing the Colts’ Team Needs.” To check out the previous installment, click HERE.

Each week I will be ranking the team’s needs via positional groups. From 1, the largest need, down through the team’s most established and proven position groups. I will also highlight two that stood out from the past game and discuss where the positions stand, good or bad.

The present and future are being considered when making these rankings. Each week the play of the position groups can result in a move up or down on the team needs list.

Team Needs:

  1. Quarterback (Last Week: 1)
  2. Edge Rusher (Last Week: 5)
  3. Punter/Kicker (Last Week: 7)
  4. Center (Last Week: 3)
  5. Left Tackle (Last Week: 4)
  6. Right Guard (Last Week: 2)
  7. Right Tackle (Last Week: 8)
  8. Tight End (Last Week: 9)
  9. Cornerback (Last Week: 6)
  10. Wide Reciever (Last Week: 10)
  11. Safety (Last Week: 12)
  12. Linebacker (Last Week: 11)
  13. Left Guard (Last Week: 13)
  14. Running Back: (Last Week: 14)
  15. Interior Defensive Line (Last Week: 15)


Around the league, when asked about the Colts' corners, more often than not, you will hear the names, Stephon Gilmore and Kenny Moore. And rightfully so, as the two have proven themselves among the best at their respective positions in the league. One name needs to be discussed more going forward, however: A player wasn't even a starter for the team to begin the year (to the dismay of most of the fanbase). That player is Isaiah Rodgers Sr.

Mostly known around the league for his return work, Rodgers, to the average fan, would just be considered the backup corner for the team. As of late, his play has boosted him over longtime Gus Bradley corner Brandon Facyson as the starting outside corner opposite Gilmore. Rodgers didn't back down this past Sunday when lined up against one of the best WRs in the league. He charged at the opportunity.

Some would say the 3rd-year corner lacks the ideal size to be a true difference maker as an outside corner measuring in at 5’10”. Rodgers makes up for it with his elite athleticism, such as his 4.28 40-time, and his overall desire to be great. Remember the name Isaiah Rodgers Sr. because very soon, he will be a household name in the NFL.