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Homage launching Colts Starter pullover jacket like the one you had in middle school

This jacket brings back memories. I feel like every kid had one when I was in elementary and middle school. The Homage, Start Colts pullover jacket is available in a very limited release.

Homage continues its partnership with Starter, quickly rolling through another launch of the classic satin Starter Colts jacket this season. The inventory of those jackets is very limited if you were hoping to grab one before the holidays, it would be best to act quickly.

This year, Homage is following up the satin jacket release with an even cooler vintage look. I can recall having one of these pullover jackets in elementary and middle school. They were everywhere and worn so much that every one of them was dirty and faded. These remind me of playing tackle football with the neighborhood kids until the sun went down.

Oh yeah, this jacket has an even more limited release. I’ve been told only 100 were crafted for the Colts this season.

The Ultimate NFL Throwback Jacket

It’s back: HOMAGE is proud to reissue the iconic STARTER NFL Pullover jacket in an exclusive limited edition release. A certified nineties throwback, this water-resistant jacket built for every team in the league features a classic kangaroo pocket with velcro and zip closure, quilted satin interior, front and back team patch and adjustable hood.

The unforgettable star of the STARTER logo remains an instantly recognizable symbol of nineties swag. The sportswear brand became associated with classic hip-hop and Hollywood in the early part of the decade, when stars from Eddie Murphy to Brooke Shields to DJ Jazzy Jeff sported STARTER’s outerwear, headwear, hoodies, and more. As a comfort-focused brand obsessed with the stories that move us, HOMAGE is thrilled to showcase such an iconic piece of nineties street fashion culture. This release is our most exclusive STARTER drop to date and is limited to less than 100 jackets per team!

HOMAGE tells the stories behind the moments, memories, teams, and players you love, in the most comfortable clothing, you’ll ever wear. What began as an obsession with super-soft tees has grown into a line of apparel that’s designed to be lived in.