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Colts Fans’ Confidence Surges After Jeff Saturday’s Impressive Coaching Debut Ahead of Week 11 Matchup

Are things trending up for the Colts franchise under newly named interim head coach Jeff Saturday?

Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Indianapolis Colts fans’ confidence is surging—and about as high as it’s been in a number of weeks following interim head coach Jeff Saturday’s impressive head coaching debut this past weekend against the Las Vegas Raiders.

That being said, the Colts will face a much tougher challenge against the 8-1 Philadelphia Eagles (-7) as former offensive coordinator, now head coach Nick Sirianni comes back to town to take on Indianapolis.

Most Colts fans aren’t optimistic that their team can pull of the improbable upset:

The Colts face a tough stretch of games in the next 5 weeks, where 3 of the matchups include against the Eagles, as well as on the road against the Dallas Cowboys (6-3) and the Minnesota Vikings (8-1), meaning it’s becoming ‘sink or swim time’ for Indianapolis.

The vast majority of Colts fans aren’t believing that their team will earn a playoff berth:

That being said, they do believe that new interim head coach Jeff Saturday, as team owner Jim Irsay’s shocking recent hire, will be here for a while—even if a playoff bid isn’t ultimately in the cards for the Colts this season:

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