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Colts Podcast: Indy can’t hold on against a top 5 team

Despite the loss, is Jeff Saturday getting more out of this roster?

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not a believer in moral victories in the NFL. A loss is a loss, no matter who it is against. Some losses are more painful, especially when the win was right there for the taking. That’s the story here, as the Colts took it to Philly for 98% of the game. It was that last 2% that cost them.

We’re here to talk about it on the postgame podcast. Topics include:

  • The performance of the offense and why they look improved while still not scoring enough
  • The offensive line and whether Jeff Saturday is getting more out of this underperforming unit
  • Points left on the field and why you can’t do that against a top-5 team
  • The continued strong performance of the defense until their last play of the game
  • What this game may mean for the rest of the season and for the coaching staff
  • So much more

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