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Indianapolis Colts Interim Head Coach Jeff Saturday Conference Call

Indianapolis Colts Interim Head Coach Jeff Saturday Spoke To The Media Today On His Weekly Conference Call

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts Robert Scheer-USA TODAY Sports

Indianapolis Colts interim head coach Jeff Saturday had his weekly conference call today with the media and gave several updates.

Saturday began his conference call giving some injury updates. Cornerback Isaiah Rodgers Sr managed to clear concussion protocol after the game, he had to exit the game due to a knock to the head late in the game. Offensive lineman Matt Pryor missed the game on Sunday due to an illness which require him being hospitalised, he has since been release after a short stay.

Saturday then went on to talk about the offensive line. He talked about liking the effort during the game on Sunday but ultimately there were too many execution errors, he said, which ended up costing the team. The Colts offensive line has been poor all year and it looked to have improved last week against the Las Vegas Raiders but the line went back to playing poorly again on Sunday.

Saturday then spoke about wanting a consistent starting five on the offensive line. He mentioned wanting to stick with the current offensive line which is starting a rookie left tackle in Bernhard Raimann and an inexperienced second year right guard in Will Fries. Saturday did not rule out any more changes on the offensive line but that does not appear to be the plan at the moment. The Colts offensive line has been a consistent mess all year at both pass protection and run blocking and that was evident again on Sunday.