For Some Context On The O-Line

I wrote a while back that the O-line has been bad, but that they were not the sole culprit. I said that Ryan had a really limited pocket presence and that the play calling could be hamstringing them as well.

Many are pointing fingers at CB for not "fixing" the line. I'd like to present the OL during what would be considered the "Golden Era" of Indianapolis Colts football. That would be the seasons between our 2 Super Bowls. Heck, let me make it start in 2005, since we were 14 - 2


LT Glenn (1), LG Lilja (UFA), C Saturday (UFA), RG Scott (5), RT Diem (4th) (draft round)

2006 Record 12 - 4

LT Glenn, LG Gandy (4th), C Saturday, RG Scott, RT Diem

2007 13 - 3

LT Ugoh (2nd), Lilja, C Saturday, RG Scott, RT Diem

2008 12 - 4

LT Ugoh, LG C. Johnson (6th), C Saturday, RG Pollack (2nd), RT Diem

2009 14 - 2

LT C. Johnson, LG Lilja, C Saturday, RG Devan (UFA), Diem

Some good players and a decent amount of continuity, but nowhere near as talented as what we have now.

I didn't look this up to say you can make a line out of anything, but to say there is more to having a good line than having 5 studs along the line. Nobody got an offense in the right play better than Peyton. Even at his worst, his MO was to get down and prone, when the play was destined to fail. Our stretch play, in theory was not much different than the RPO. Howard Mudd got guys in the right place and taught them well enough that a ragtag group could go un-noticed. Shouldn't Ryan have some of those qualities by now? What are our O-line coaches teaching?

There simply has to be plays to take advantage of games/stunts and blitzes. I thought we looked closer to running a couple of decent screens last week, which would help. Not that damn quick WR screen that never works, but to the RB or TE in the flat. We should have some plays that take advantage of the DEs going wide with speed rushes. How often did we get gashed as Freeney and Mathis saw a RB running inside of their wide rushes?

I think it is taking the low hanging fruit to just blame the two guys on the line who are not making 15 mil a year.

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