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Draft Order Watch: Colts currently at 14th

Philadelphia Eagles v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Colts currently have an 8.9% chance of making the playoffs according to Vegas, and even that seems a tad generous to me. So, with that out of the question, we as fans turn our attention towards the event that gives us hope for the future: the NFL Draft.

NFL Draft order after Week 11, via Tankathon

Because of the early season’s wins the Colts are currently slated to have the 14th overall pick in the Draft, not a great pick to have when you are looking to draft your quarterback of the future, but one that could easily be inside the top 10 after this week.

Games to Watch

Steelers @ Colts

Well of course, what game is more important for the Colts’ draft positioning than the one the Colts are in? The Steelers are right there with Indy as far as the standings go, and this game is going to be really decisive. A win for the Colts would basically seal our fate outside of the top 10, and will make it really complicated for us to get one of the better quarterback prospects in the draft.

Broncos @ Panthers

The Panthers are one of the teams that will surely be looking for a quarterback in the next draft, so any win they get has to be celebrated by the Colts. They will go up against a struggling Broncos’ team that is surprisingly scheduled to pick in the top 5 (pick goes to the Seahawks because of the Wilson trade), and as the Seahawks are also most likely going to be looking for a quarterback, unless they think Geno Smith is the long term answer at the position, whatever team wins is good news for Indy.

Falcons @ Commanders

The Falcons and the Commanders are two teams that have surpassed expectations this year, and Atlanta is just above the Colts in the standings while the Commander’s third-round pick (depending on whether Wentz starts again) belongs to Indy. A Falcons’ win here would do wonders for the Colts, as not only would Atlanta be further away, but that Washington pick would be more valuable.

Buccaneers @ Browns

The Browns collapse has been one of the biggest surprises this season thus far, and we care about that because their first round pick this year belongs to the Texans, who are surely going to be looking for their quarterback of the future. A winning streak by the Browns would hopefully put them behind the Colts in terms of draft standings and Houston will have to make the decision whether to get a quarterback with what is most likely going to be the #1 overall pick in the draft or if they are going to wait out for that Cleveland pick.