Is this an option?

DraftTek just came out with a new mock and they have the Colts picking an OT (Paris Johnson) in the first round, a QB (Anthony Richartdson) in the second ropund, and a WR (Rashee Rice) in the third round. I would think that all three are possible (depending of course as to how Richardson impresses at the Combine).

Then Drafttek make a comment about Ballard perhaps being interested in Daniel Jones as a free agent.

Is Jones a good idea? He has not exactly light the NFL on fire. The top three wide receivers for the Giants are Darius Slanton, Richie James, and Isaiah Hodgins. I give the Colts the edge. The RB is Saquon Barkley., I'll call RB even. The offensive line is Andrew Thomas, Shane Lemiwux, Jon Feliciano, Glowinski, and Evan Neal. I'll call OL even. The tight ends are Daniel Bellinger and Lawrence Cager. I'll give the Colts a slight TE edge.

The point is, why would I think Jones would do any better on the Colts than he did for the Giants?

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