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Colts Podcast: Is a primetime win in the cards against the Steelers?

Or is Indianapolis going to push closer to a top-10 pick for 2023?

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The 3-7 Steelers are a struggling team. Their playoff hopes are basically dead and buried and their rookie QB is struggling to consistently put it together on the field. Their defense is not the same dominant unit people associate with the franchise either. Meanwhile, the Colts have drastically underperformed expectations and are clearly looking towards the future, having fired their head coach mid-season.

Not the kind of matchup people clamor for on Monday Night Football. We discuss this and more on our latest preview podcast. Topics include:

  • The incredibly low ranking for the Steelers pass rush and why that needs to be ignored going into this game
  • The opportunity ahead for the Colts defense and why they need to take advantage of a turnover prone rookie QB
  • Some alarming names on the Colts injury report and how it could impact those plans
  • What the offense needs to do to keep T.J. Watt from feasting on the corpse of Matt Ryan on Monday
  • So much more

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