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Colts Podcast: Steelers run all over Indy for the win on Monday Night Football

The offense and clock management were offensive.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Colts had a great opportunity ahead of them on Monday night. The Steelers came into the game with a struggling offense while Indianapolis had a defense prime to take advantage of it. The offense faced a team with a pass rush that struggles on paper (a bit of a false flag really) and a renewed focus on the offensive line under Jeff Saturday.

Things did not play out that way. We talk about this and more on the latest postgame podcast. Topics include:

  • The missed opportunities by the offense and the struggles of both the offensive line and QB Matt Ryan
  • Jonathan Taylor and his low usage despite having success in the game early on
  • The insane game from Jelani Woods and his potential for the future
  • The maddening clock management at the end of the game and why it may not have been as bad as some are suggesting
  • The frustrating performance of the defense in giving up over 170 yards on the ground
  • The state of the team as they head into the home stretch, with some brutal games ahead
  • So much more

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