Sort of Grumpy

If the Colts hadn't have looked like they had a clue in the 3rd quarter, I could have been in bed at an hour that doesn't see me tired today.

So, call these knee-jerks, or JMHOs on what I saw last night.

The broadcast made a point of showing Manning chewing out Saturday on the sidelines many years ago. He was pissed, saying that Saturday needed to quit calling running plays. It got me thinking to who actually has the final say as to what play is run? I know that Ryan hears a play in his helmet (or covering his ear holes is just a nervous tick). Now Ryan is over center, or in our case the shotgun 90% of the time and he and Kelly are pointing at dudes. Words are said or yelled, then we look like Monty Python and the 100 yard dash for people with no sense of direction. Ya sort of need to see that one, so here ya go:

They talk about Sam Darnold "seeing ghost", early in his career. I gotta say that those ghosts are now in Ryan's head. All pockets are not a perfect U shape that sees no defender get within 3 yards of the QB, but when that U is breached, Ryan goes into panic mode. I haven't seen him do any of the things I expected out of a 14 year vet. I know he is old, but the play where came up short on the final drive, would have been a 1st down from most everyone else in the league. You have to know where the sticks are at and get there, even if you are taking a hit. No one wants their QB hurt on meaningless runs, but this was winning time and he didn't go for it.

I can't give the D a pass either. I hear week after week how good our Tackles are and I completely agree. Now tell me why if these guys are eating up linemen, our DE's can't get to the QB? I really do not want to hear Ngakoue got 2 sacks. On the first one, Pickett backed into his lap and on the second he went untouched. I'm ready to line up our undersized LBs out there and see what they can do when we know it's a pass. Let me see Speed out there?

As a fan, I'll be going through the motions for the rest of the year. I won't miss a game, or even a play for that matter, but it would be great if we could at least play interesting football the rest of the way out. We have a lot of tough decisions to make between the end of this year and the start of next year and those decisions are already becoming more interesting than what happens over the next 5-6 weeks on the field.


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