This colts team is the most disappointing I've seen

I've only been a fan of the colts since around 2012-2013 so I wasn't watching Curtis painter and the dreaded suck for luck season. Therefore this season is probably the only time I wish I wasn't a colts fan because this team is disappointing and maddening to watch. Everyone on offense has been disappointing besides Campbell,Woods, and Pierce. Jonathan Taylor is still a good running back but his fumbling problem from his college days are returning a little. The fumble vs the Steelers was a one time thing though. Running backs live and die by the o-line giving them lanes to run through and our o-line barely gives him lanes to plow through. Heading into the season I thought matt pryor might be a decent to average starter, boy was I wrong. Pryor was slow and couldn't pick up a stunt to save his life. Whereas, Danny Pinter was a nice backup center but not a good Right guard because of weight and well strength to play guard in the nfl. I will admit ballard made a mistake of letting glow walk in free agency without getting a more seasoned vet to play guard for us. In my opinion resighning fisher might've been better so raimann could develop in the shadows but fish was not great in pass pro. When you trade for a older or veteran QB you expect them to be smart with the ball and play efficient football. Well with Matt Ryan it's been neither. Ryan is like a fish out of water whenever pressure is applied. Ryan also tends to have happy feet in a clean pocket. I don't expect ryan to be good under pressure but I expected him to be better under pressure due to experience. Ryan has turned the ball over way to much this season and his decision making is poor as well. When Ryan is given time he can still make some nice passes but his arm strength looks shot or diminished. This leads to my next point we have no deep ball game with multiple speeders that include Pierce,Campbell,and Dulin. Nobody get's open because we run short or intermediate routes every play. Our offense is massively underpreforming because the players we thought would be solid or good are underpreforming mightly.

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