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Colts Podcast: Disaster in Foxboro warms every seat in the building

A bad offense somehow looked even worse.

Syndication: The Providence Journal Kris Craig / USA TODAY NETWORK

The answer to this unfortunate question is no. Not just a normal, run of the mill no. A loud, banging, thunderous NO followed by jeers and laughter and finger pointing. That’s how bad the Colts looked in Foxboro.

We recap whatever that game was on the latest postgame podcast. Topics include:

  • The offensive offense and why hoping any QB - whether it’s Matt Ryan or Sam Ehlinger - can fix this is laughable
  • The hopeful end of the “Matt Pryor plays every position on the OL” saga
  • Giving up 9 sacks in a single game and why this may be the game to finally light up some seats
  • The defense and their tireless work and why they have so little blame in the current state of things
  • So much more

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