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BREAKING: Jeff Saturday has been named interim head coach of the Indianapolis Colts

This is not one of my crazy conspiracy articles, I couldn't have even come up with something so crazy

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

In a season that has seen the benching of Matt Ryan, in addition to the firing of Marcus Brady and Frank Reich, somehow Jim Irsay has now done something even more shocking by hiring Jeff Saturday to be the interim head coach of the Indianapolis Colts.

Jeff Saturday comes to Indy as their head guy having coached ... nothing, ever.

Is he more qualified to run a team than me? Absolutely. But he's less qualified than Parks Frasier, and most Colts fans don't have the first clue who Parks Frasier is. Saturday has done consulting work for the Colts, but Brian Baldinger does consulting work for teams, too, and nobody's considering him for head coaching gigs.

Make no mistake, this is a move to lose games. Jim Irsay is officially tanking the season. The Colts will be lucky to be competitive, let alone win more than one to two more games this season.

For the record, I loved Jeff Saturday as a player and he has been great on TV. I really think a lot of him, and if someone called me up and asked me to be an interim coach, I'd do it too, so I don't blame him at all for taking the position. But this move is a clownish attempt to keep fans interested and engaged while losing as many games as possible.