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Madden franchise mode predicts that Jeff Saturday’s Colts will dominate NFL for years

Don’t worry Colts fans, I spent years managing the Colts franchise in Madden and consistently hired Jeff Saturday as head coach. The results were dominant, including multiple Lombardi Trophies.

NFL: NFLPA Press Conference Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Before I had other responsibilities, I enjoyed playing Madden and NCAA football on consoles. Playing head-to-head with friends was fun, but playing every game against the computer for numerous seasons was boring. This made franchise mode great. I could pull the strings on which players to draft, trade picks and players, sign free agents to pretend contracts, and build a team that would play through a season without all the time invested (you could simulate each week).

There was no head coaching candidate I enjoyed signing more than Jeff Saturday. After I signed him as the head coach, the franchise won numerous simulated Super Bowls. Little did I know, I was forecasting the future (note that when Saturday wasn’t available, Kevin Mawae was my other choice).

If fans are looking for some confidence, know that I’ve nailed two current Colts coaches in my gaming days, and those coaches oversaw a decade or more of NFL dominance not seen before.