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Colts QB Sam Ehlinger Will Remain Starter, But Who’s Calling the Offensive Plays?

The Colts offense will have a new play caller, but who?

Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

Indianapolis Colts new interim head coach Jeff Saturday indicated on Monday evening that 2nd-year quarterback Sam Ehlinger will remain the team’s starter ahead of a Week 10 matchup on the road against the Las Vegas Raiders:

This is despite a tough outing from Ehlinger on Sunday against the New England Patriots, which saw the Colts have one of their worst offensive showings in franchise history.

It was a fair question of whether under a change of leadership, that the Colts could’ve returned to veteran starter Matt Ryan again to try to salvage their season—but it appears that the franchise is going all in for better draft position with Ehlinger under center and seeing what they have there.

The question is though, who will be calling the offensive plays with former head coach Frank Reich and offensive coordinator Marcus Brady having recently been fired:

Saturday indicated that he would make a final decision on Monday evening from a group of coaching candidates that presumably includes running backs coach Scottie Montgomery, quarterbacks coach Scott Milanovich, and even wide receivers coach Reggie Wayne.

That formal decision has yet to be publicly announced or reported yet though—and maybe that’s to protect some resemblance of an offensive competitive advantage for the Colts by eliminating any possible tendencies from the scouting report. But most likely not.

It doesn’t bode well for the Colts’ chances of winning on Sunday as the margin for error for winning in the NFL is already quite small, let alone with Indianapolis ‘scrambling’ last minute to find a suitable offensive play-caller for Sunday.

However, maybe the Colts are quite comfortable with that—with an eye towards free-falling and landing better draft position to land a top quarterback prospect in next year’s NFL Draft.

This whole situation is beyond strange.