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Draft Order Watch: Colts still at 14th, but getting closer

Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Colts are now firmly out of the playoffs, and after another poor showing it is clear that plenty of changes need to be made to this roster in order to be competitive once again. I think we can all agree that it starts and ends with the quarterback position, and that the blueprint for building a competitive team in today’s NFL is to have consistency at the quarterback position. Of course this is way easier said than done, and drafting a quarterback is a crapshoot, but a higher draft pick gets you a better chance to draft the guy.

NFL Draft order after Week 12, via Tankathon

The loss against the Steelers put the Colts in a much better draft position, as we are now only a game away from picking in the Top 5. With games against the Cowboys, Vikings, and Chargers coming right up, there is a decent chance that the Colts are at #4 once that brutal stretch is over.

Games to Watch

Steelers @ Falcons

The Steelers and the Falcons are two teams that are right there in the middle of the Colts’ current draft position, so whatever outcome happens benefits the Colts here. Both teams have also just drafted a quarterback in last year’s draft, so they are not a threat in that position.

Jaguars @ Lions

The Lions are right above the Colts in the draft order, and even though they have gotten solid production out of Jared Goff, this is a team that could very well be looking into drafting their guy for the future. The Jaguars are also above the Colts, and they are set with Trevor Lawrence at the position. This is a similar game than Steelers @Falcons in that whatever outcome benefits the Colts here.

Saints @ Buccaneers

Luckily for the Colts, the Saints’ first round pick this season belongs to the Eagles, who are in no way in the market for a quarterback as they found their guy with Jalen Hurts. The Bucs are surely going to be looking for Brady’s replacement, so they are a threat here. Ideally the Saints win and they move above the Colts, so Indy has a better position, but once again whatever outcome is beneficial for us.

Seahawks @ Rams

This game is important for the Colts on two fronts. The Seahawks have been a nice surprise this season led by veteran quarterback Geno Smith who has been playing outstanding football, and they have the Broncos’ pick that is probably going to be at least top 7. What the Colts want here is for Geno to continue playing like he has been, so the Seahakws don’t feel the need to target either of the top two quarterbacks in the draft.