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Colts Fans Confidence During Week 14 Bye Week is ‘Not Great’ Regarding Direction of Franchise

Colts fans have serious doubts about the direction of the Horseshoe franchise right now during a disappointing year.

NFL: Washington Commanders at Indianapolis Colts IndyStar-USA TODAY Sports

Indianapolis Colts fans have endured a challenging season, as a team with once serious divisional title and potential deep playoff aspirations has floundered to a 4-8-1 overall record.

Those initial 2022 postseason hopes have now realistically been ended—with four games still left to play, as this Colts team, amidst a three game losing streak, is now jockeying for obtaining better top draft position, over any shot of playing meaningful late January football.

Among the Colts problems right now are deficiencies at several key positions, especially at starting quarterback, as the team simply isn’t dynamic enough there, and it’s heavily contributed to a stalled offense that cannot consistently score enough points to win games.

However, there’s blame to go all around. From ownership, to the general manager, to the coaching staff, to the players, as the Colts simply haven’t been good enough collectively during games nor executed well enough to close out tight games late.

With that being said, Colts fans aren’t all that confident that the franchise is currently headed in the right direction—as the confidence level has sunk to a dismal 14% (which surprisingly is a slight uptick from last week):