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Keeping tabs on potential head-coaches for the Colts: Week 15

NFL: DEC 04 Titans at Eagles Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Despite the bye-week, the Colts head coaching favourites (according to Vegas) had their hands full this week, and my personal number one choice (DeMeco Ryans) had himself yet another amazing week.

Mike Kafka, OC, Giants

Tough day for the Giants, as the Eagles just dominated the entire four quarters. Playing for behind all game long certainly did not help the Giants’ offense that relies heavily on the run, as star running back Saquon Barkley got just 9 carries. The game was basically over at halftime, so it would be a bit unfair to judge Kafka based on Sunday, but it was certainly not a good outing.

Greg Roman, OC, Ravens

I cannot think of an offense that relies more on their quarterback than the Ravens, as it is entirely built on Lamar Jackson’s strengths. Still, they have Tyler Huntley as the backup, and while he is not remotely as explosive as Lamar, his running ability is enough to keep the offense barely afloat. The Ravens’ running game was working perfectly to move the ball, but it was evident that they were missing Lamar’s ability in the redzone, as they settled for field goals after long drives on two separate occasions and were not efficient in third down.

DeMeco Ryans, DC, 49ers

Once again, another dominant outing for the Niners’ defense, as they absolutely dominated Tom Brady and the Bucs. Three turnovers forced, just 4.4 yards per play, 4-16 on third downs, and just seven points allowed (on the third quarter, when the Niners were already up by 35). DeMeco has the unit running like a well oiled machine, and despite the fact that Gus Bradley has been doing an amazing job with the Colts’ defense, I would love watching DeMeco’s energy and swagger on the Colts’ sideline.

Kellen Moore, OC, Cowboys

Tough day for the Cowboys, who played terribly against the Texans and were really close to losing if not for a late 4th and goal stance by the defense and a 98-yard drive by the offense. Quarterback Dak Prescott struggled, while Elliott and Pollard barely averaged over 4 yards, but each scored a touchdown. I don’t think Moore is in the running for the position, as he just does not have an amazing resume as a coordinator. The Cowboys have been solid, but nothing he has done has been revolutionary, and I don’t believe his offense can be replicated without the Cowboys’ personnel, and even with the Cowboys personell it is not like they are setting the NFL on fire.

Shane Steichen, OC, Eagles

The longest shot by far because of the ties with Reich / Sirianni, Shane Steichen has done an amazing job with the Eagles, as their offense is just a joy to watch this season. The Colts could potentially have very similar players to that of the Eagles, imagining a scenario where they draft a mobile quarterback like Anthony Richardson, and with MPJ / Pierce and JT, which could make the Indy job an enticing one for Steichen considering he would be able to copy several things from the Eagles’ offense that are working to perfection.