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Colts Interim Head Coach Jeff Saturday Would Like to Continue Coaching Next Year

Jeff Saturday wants to return as the Colts head coach, but the question is will Indianapolis elect to retain him?

Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Despite the current losing skid, Indianapolis Colts interim head coach Jeff Saturday would like to continue coaching the team next season (via the IndyStar’s Joel A. Erickson):

Even after suffering an embarrassing 54-19 loss to the Dallas Cowboys on primetime before the bye week (and amidst a three-game losing streak), Saturday’s passion and strong conviction for the Colts coaching position remains undeterred headed into the New Year.

As a first-year head coach with no prior meaningful head coaching experience, Saturday has had a few growing pains and gaffes from late game clock management to rookie Jelani Woods’ lack of playing time following a breakout performance.

However, at the very least, he’s brought energy, enthusiasm, and seems to be a players coach (and the offensive line has performed slightly better under his initial tutelage as well).

To be fair, Saturday inherited a bad football team near midseason, so there’s only so many adjustments and changes that can be made in the middle of the season—and at a certain point, your personnel and coaching staff is what it is. There’s no hiding from it.

While his hands may be tied by his offense’s ineptitude (much like his coaching predecessor Frank Reich’s were), Saturday seems to value traditional football of running the ball a lot and taking the points when in doubt. He’s an inexperienced head coach who will need a stronger supporting cast of proven—or at least innovative coaches, namely on the offensive side of the ball.

Given his strong relationship with team owner Jim Irsay—and from his highly regarded playing days with the Colts franchise, Saturday figures to be ‘in the mix’ again for the Indy head coaching job, barring simply brutal performances by the Colts down the stretch (not even losses, which were reasonably expected with this already sinking ship of a team).

However, one cannot help but wonder whether the Colts may turn their attention to one of the more highly sought after hot coaching candidates such as Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh or the San Francisco 49ers DeMeco Ryans, when push ultimately comes to shove in 2023.