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Stampede Blue’s Week 15 NFL Game Picks

We pick the full slate of games, starting with the 49ers and Seahawks

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

The Colts (+ 175) had a great week on the draft order front, and they had the perfect chance to get healthy for the rest of the year. They play the Vikings (- 205) on Saturday, and while we are just 4-point underdogs right now, this just feels like the type of game where everything just suddenly clicks and Indy pulls off a dominant win out of thin air. Hopefully this does not happen, as a win here would most likely knock us out of the top 10 for good, and we need that draft pick. For updated lines visit DraftKings Sportsbook.

There are two newcomers inside the top 5, with Stephen Reed and Jared Malott replacing Chris Shepherd and Luke Schultheis. Yours truly is still at the top, 3 games in front of Greg Rader.

There are plenty of good football games to watch, my personal favourite being Lions at Jets, as both teams have surpassed expectations and are really entertaining to watch. Other than that we have the Titans at Chargers, Bengals at Bucs, and Dolphins at Bills. The staff is mostly on the same page for this week’s games

As for our weekly challenges, I will just accept my losses and take on the 2.000 word article on punters this off-season. Congratulations, now just for fun, I am actually curious if anyone else thinks this is the type of game that the Colts have no business winning, but they somehow actually do? I can see JT rushing for over 150 yards, and the offensive line playing well all of a sudden. Might be crazy...