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Draft Order Watch: Colts accomplishing the goal

NFL: SEP 08 Colts at Chargers Photo by Icon Sportswire

Yes, the Colts collapsed and blew the game in historical fashion, but a win against the Vikings would have been terrible for the most important thing of all for the rest of the season: the draft position. Indy is currently in the 6th spot, a prime position to get either C.J. Stroud, Will Levis, Anthony Richardson or whatever quarterback they think can lead this team for the next 10/15 years.

NFL Draft order after Week 15, via Tankathon

The Browns, Jaguars, Raiders, and Steelers winning was huge last week, as they all have six wins now, a number that the Colts will most likely not get to, as we would need to win two out of three against the Chargers, Giants, and Texans. The main rival continues being the Carolina Panthers, as they are also the most likely team to select a quarterback.

Games to Watch

Falcons @Ravens

Lamar Jackson is still missing practice, and his status for game day remains up in the air. Without him, the Ravens’ offense has struggled massively, scoring just three points last week against the Browns. The Falcons have a slim chance, but a realistic one however, to win. Atlanta winning would put them at 6-wins, unattainable for the Colts.

Lions @Panthers

Either team winning benefits the Colts here, as if the Lions win led by quarterback Jared Goff then they will be less tempted to use that Rams top 4 pick on a quarterback. A Panthers’ win would put them at 6-wins.

Saints @Browns

The Browns can lose to anyone, and the Saints have the talent to beat anyone on a day where everythinbg is clicking. New Orleans’ pick belongs to Philly, so they are out of the running for a quarterback, but because they have no immediate needs they might be tempted to trade down, so we want them to finish in front of Indy.

Buccaneers @Cardinals

The Cardinals are an intriguing team that will most likely be picking in front of the Colts in the next draft. Will they be picking a new quarterback? Or will they double down on the inconsistent, and now injured, Kyler Murray?