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Colts Podcast: Can Indy upset the playoff hopes of the NY Giants

The defensive front could make this closer than people think

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Indianapolis Colts Robert Scheer-USA TODAY Sports

With just 2 games left in the 2022 NFL season, the Colts having nothing to play for but plenty to lose. Right now, they’re staring at a top-5 draft pick in 2023 and the real potential to get one of the top young QB prospects. That said, players and coaches could care less and the team will be focused on getting the W against the Giants on Sunday.

We talk about whether they can do it on the latest preview podcast. Topics include:

  • The surprising season from the Giants and how Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley have created a formidable running game
  • The matchup of the Colts really good defensive front against the Giants OL and why our defense could keep this game surprisingly close
  • The Colts offense and why it continues to struggle even as the OL improves slightly
  • Key injuries for both teams and how it could impact this game
  • So much more

As always, you can find the podcast wherever fine podcasts are available or you can listen below:

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