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Matchups to Watch Revisited Week 13 @Cowboys

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Braden Smith (Dennis Kelly) / Bernard Raimann vs. Micah Parsons

I expected Micah Parsons to get something like 4 sacks against the Colts, especially after starting right tackle Braden Smith was ruled out for the game. While the talented edge rusher did make his presence felt and was consistently on Ryan’s face, he did not end up having the massive day I expected from him. Not like it really mattered though, as the Colts once again failed to score over 20 points...

Colts’ offensive line vs. Cowboys’ pass rush

The offensive line was not particularly bad yesterday, and I expected it to be much worse than it actually was. Still, it was not good, and the Cowboys managed to easily contain Jonathan Taylor and bring pressure on Matt Ryan. Through three quarters it was working just fine, but then on the 4th everything just collapsed on itself.

Michael Pittman Jr. vs. Trevon Diggs

At which point do we also start questioning MPJ? Sure, the quarterback position is not helping hit at all, and the collapse of the offensive line hurts the Colts passing game, but that does not justify this level of mediocrity. After his outburst against the Jaguars, Pittman Jr. has just 38 catches for 338 yards and a single touchdown on his past seven games, which is not something you want to see from your #1 receiver.

Stephon Gilmore vs. Ceede Lamb / Michael Gallup

The Cowboys did an amazing job of throwing away from Gilmore, and the few times they targeted him the veteran cornerback responded well. I feel sorry for Stephon, who probably signed here expecting this team to contend or at the very least make it to the playoffs, and instead he got into this terrible mess. Hopefully the Colts do him a solid and trade him away in the offseason, as he might even net some valuable draft capital.

Parris Campbell vs. DaRon Bland

“...and he has not been noteworthy.” That is what I wrote about Bland on Friday, and it is safe to say he actually was noteworthy against the Colts on Sunday night, recording two interceptions and eight combined tackles. Parris Campbell finished the game with four catches for 43 yards as he was a viable passing threat. Not spectacular at all, but is nice watching Campbell on the field and producing consistently.