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Keeping tabs on potential head-coaches for the Colts: Week 14

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Giants Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Before, this used to be a space used to criticize the Colts’ head-coach best and worst coaching decisions in the game, but after a 54-19 thumping in hands of the Dallas Cowboys, and a three game losing streak, I think it is better to focus our sight on the future instead of on a season that is already way gone down the drain.

According to Vegas, the top 5 favourites to land the Colts’ head coaching position this next offseason are Giants’ offensive coordinator Mike Kafka, Ravens’ offensive coordinator Greg Roman, 49ers’ defensive coordinator, and my personal pick, DeMeco Ryans, Cowboys’ offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, and Eagles’ offensive coordinator Shane Steichen.

Mike Kafka, OC, Giants

The Giants tied this week against the Washington Commanders, on a game where they struggled a bit against the tough Commie defense. Still, Kafka is doing wonders reviving the career of Daniel Jones as a dual-threat quarterback (15 total touchdowns, 4 interceptions, averaging near 7 YPA), and star running back Saquon Barkley is having his best season yet as a pro (also his first healthy season in a while). Kafka is currently the favourite at +350 odds to get the job, as not only his job with the Giants has been impressive, but he also was the Chiefs’ passing game coordinator the past 3 seasons before this one, and that passing game is fairly impressive.

Greg Roman, OC, Ravens

This one I just don’t understand. Roman has managed to create an impressive offense built around quarterback Lamar Jackson, but guys like Lamar don’t just grow on trees, in fact, they come by once every 10-15 years. That is why I would not particularly like it if the Colts tab Roman as their next offensive coordinator, sure, he could work some wonders with Jonathan Taylor and a mobile quarterback, but I think that the Ravens’ offense becomes way too one-dimensional at times and will always struggle in the playoffs or against better defenses.

DeMeco Ryans, DC, 49ers

Talk about dominant, the 49ers defense has been amazing in every single category this season. They are fresh off a spectacular outing against the Miami Dolphins, where they held Miami’s high powered offense to just 17 points while forcing four turnovers and even scoring a touchdown. The thing with Ryans is that his designation would most likely involve bringing in his own defensive coordinator, and I don’t think defense has been the problem at all this year for the Colts.

Kellen Moore, OC, Cowboys

The Cowboys’ offense just put up 47 points against a very solid Colts’ defense, and led by Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard they are one of the most efficient offenses in the NFL. I would have loved to watch Moore lead Taylor and Hines, but running back is probably the most replaceable position in the league right now. Moore has been the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator for quite some time now, and might be looking for a head coaching gig. The young talent in the offense and the opportunity to draft his quarterback for the future might be enticing for him.

Shane Steichen, OC, Eagles

The least likely of the five candidates because of the ties with Nick Sirianni and their allegiance to former Colts’ head coach Frank Reich, I don’t expect Irsay to go this way. Still, Steichen and Sirianni have done an amazing job molding the Eagles’ offense into a well-oiled machine spearheaded by Hurts and A.J. Brown.