Chris ballard should be fired just not for his drafting decisions

This team is bad for many reasons and the fault does lie on chris ballard not resighning mark glowinski or eric fisher to a team friendly deal. I will reinterate this because people seem to think that ballard is not a good talent evaluator I will state that he has made bad decisions but most of his draft picks have worked out brilliantly even 2022's draft class looks good with pierce and woods. Resighning kelly and nelson to long term deals was not a bad idea. In my opinion nelson was a little overpayed but before this season he was 3x all pro at RG and was elite at his position whereas ryan kelly was a pro bowler for the last 3 seasons in a row. I saw no problem locking up players who proved that they were the best at one time at their positions but their steep declines has made these decisions look horrible now. Talking about qbs lets think about this besides the 2020 draft where we would've had to trade up lots of draft capital to draft a qb,has their been any good or promising qb besides Justin fields be honest. Ballard needs to go but not because he's a bad gm but because he's worn out his welcome in indy. I believe if he goes somewhere else where they already have a qb set in place he will succeed as the GM.

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