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Matt Ryan Perfect in First Quarter!

. . . also was terrible rest of game.

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Thanks to the nflFastR project and NFL NextGen Stats for the timely sources of data.

For those of you new to this, I will publish key QB stats each week judging how well the Colts passing game performed. Yes, O-Line, receivers, and play-calling impact these numbers but they are primarily QB measures. I will probably modify the charts throughout the season. Commentary will be brief but feel free to let me know in the comments that stats aren’t everything. (click charts for larger view)


Ryan’s impressive start became an equally impressive collapse. This is probably the worst 4th qtr for a QB this year. I could look it up, but I kind of hate everything right now.

It wasn’t his worst game as a Colt, but it was pretty bad.

On the season, Ryan falls just below Russell Wilson in efficiency. In the past, that statement would not have made me sad.


Lots of short passes. Lots of incompletions. Lots of interceptions. For those of you new to football, that is bad.

No one throws shorter than the Colts. That’s fine as long as your receivers can turn that into good YAC.

Unrelated Quiz. This year, Colts’ receivers rank ____ in YAC:

  • A) 1st, because we rock and life is awesome
  • B) 28th, because of course they do


When your #1 receiver has the team’s 6th most receiving yards, you might have had a bad day.

So the upper right quadrant is where you want your receivers to be and the Colts have a severe lack of that going on.


Accuracy dropped again unless you count passes to the other team.


Ryan got rid of the ball quickly, but not as quickly as I want the memory of this game to fade.


It’s a patchwork of shame.


Comparisons are out of the 28 teams that have played through Sunday night.

Mouseover for definitions: opd, edp, arsr, ttt, adot, 20+, cmp%, cpoe, ay/c, yac, yacoe, ypa, pr%, ta%, scr%, sk%, aa%, ny/d, to%, 1st%, td%, rze, orze, 20+e, psr, epa/d

Ugh, don’t make me relive this game through numbers. Here’s the Cliff-Notes version. Quick, short, inaccurate, pressured throws result in low yards, lots of turnovers, some first downs, a few TDs, and the 24th overall efficiency.