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Indianapolis Colts Interim Head Coach Jeff Saturday Conference Call

Indianapolis Colts Interim Head Coach Jeff Saturday Spoke To The Media Today On His Weekly Conference Call

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Indianapolis Colts interim head coach Jeff Saturday had his weekly conference call today with the media and gave several updates.

Saturday was asked about if he has seen anything on film of Quarterback Matt Ryan’s shoulder injury from earlier in the year potentially affecting his play. Saturday was kept his response very brief and deflecting back to Ryan on any questions about a potential injury affecting his play. Ryan has shown signs of brilliance this season but also been horrendous at times too so it is fair to ask if the shoulder injury could be limiting him.

Saturday went on to talk about evaluating the entire team including the quarterback for who should be starting. He went onto say he is evaluating every position over the bye week and will decide which starters give the team the best chance to win the last four games and not evaluating for the future. The Colts currently sit at 4-8-1 with four upcoming games with three (Minnesota Vikings, Los Angeles Chargers and. We York Giants) out of four teams with .500 or higher records. The team currently has more issues than answers.

Saturday went into to talk about the plan at right tackle during the game. Right tackle Braden Smith missed the game due to illness and was replaced by a rotation of Dennis Kelly and Matt Pryor according to Saturday who wanted to give the Colts offensive line an advantage over the Dallas Cowboys pass rushers by swapping right tackles. Dennis Kelly finished the game playing 67% of the offensive snaps to Matt Pryor’s 33%. Kelly is the clear better option and it looks like the team agreed in the snap count.