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Draft Order Watch: Colts now in the top 10

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

A necessary loss against the Cowboys to help solidify that draft position next April for the Colts, as an unlikely win (keep in mind it was 19-21 entering the 4th quarter) would have placed the Colts firmly outside the top 10. Now the Colts are sitting pretty at the #9 spot going into their bye week, and with two very difficult games against the Vikings and Chargers coming right up, we could very well be picking inside the top 3 after those games.

NFL Draft order after Week 13, via Tankathon

Las Vegas, Cleveland, and Green Bay all won, meaning that the Colts get to climb five spots, but there is still a long way to go towards franchise quarterback land, and even though Indy is not playing this week there are still three meaningful games to watch that have draft order implications, as the Falcons, Packers, Saints, Bears and Commanders are also on a bye.

Games to Watch

Panthers @ Seahawks

The Panthers at Seahawks game is important for the Colts because the two teams pick above Indy, and both teams could be in the market for a new franchise quarterback in the Draft. No matter who wins here it indirectly benefits the Colts, as if Seattle wins then they are most likely much more comfortable with Geno at quarterback and will not use that top 3 pick on either Stroud or Young, and if Carolina pulls off the upset they move behind the Colts in the draft order.

Patriots @ Cardinals

The Cardinals are the next team we want to overtake in the Draft, but not that important, given that Kyler is entrenched as their quarterback for the near future. Still, Arizona has struggled a lot this season, and could be looking to trade down in the draft to grab some extra assets.

Jaguars @ Titans

The Jags are a dangerous team, and on a good day, I think they can go toe-to-toe with nearly every single team in the NFL. The Titans are the opposite of that, in that they can lose against pretty much every team and I would not be surprised. A Jaguars win would be massive as they would de-clutter those annoying 4-8 teams.