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The Offseason: Betting Against Time Week 1

Plus a new episode of The Coltist!

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

It’s officially the NFL offseason and my betting advice will be pretty sparse due to a lack of games on the horizon, but I did see that the current NFL Champion Los Angeles Rams are the early Super Bowl favorite and I would absolutely bet the field against them in 2022-2023. I am guessing the Rams lose their 40-year old LT (the lynchpin tackle) Andre Whitworth and on that alone, you don’t bet on a team with a question at that position. I’d argue the Colts played poorly enough and were injured enough on that offensive line that any quarterback would be forced to give pause before signing a long term deal here in Indianapolis because of similar instability at that left tackle position.

I would argue that solidifying that LT spot is more important than who the quarterback is, but only marginally so and it doesn’t make anyone money to say that because who cares about linemen, right? (Raises hand slowly) If your quarterback is constantly feeling pressure from their backside (from their left if they’re a right handed quarterback), they aren’t going to play as well. Football is a mental sport. The Colts had a varying level of awful at LT this season and look at Carson Wentz out there playing himself into obscurity all the while.

If you haven’t already. I’m absolutely selling my soul over my YouTube channel that currently has 317 subscribers. You’ll notice I’ve never announced a website or merch, so yeah I’ll write an article telling you to bet the field against the Rams (easily bet you’ll ever win) and that the Colts’ woes don’t end with they sign Derek Carr and ship Carson Wentz to Las Vegas (closer to home for him).

Do with that information what you will. Have a great weekend!