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Report: Colts ‘Actively Looking for Another Quarterback’ to Replace Incumbent Starter Carson Wentz

Russell Wilson? Aaron Rodgers? Jimmy G.? The Colts may seemingly be leaving no potential stone unturned for a starting quarterback upgrade.

Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport on ‘The Pat McAfee Show’, the Indianapolis Colts “are actively looking for another quarterback” to replace embattled incumbent starter Carson Wentz—who appears on his way out of Indianapolis, either via trade or release before mid-March (saving an additional $13.3M of salary cap space):

While Rapoport stopped short of naming who exactly that upgrade may be, he did cite Colts general manager Chris Ballard’s desire to always improve, while in the process, also pretty well insinuating that Ballard just didn’t think Wentz was good enough last season or potentially going forward for the franchise.

Possible pipedream options include the Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers or Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson, while a more realistic (and cheaper) option would be someone like San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who the Colts have reportedly discussed in trade negotiations with last year’s NFC runner-up previously.

What does appear pretty clear though is that Wentz will presumably not be back in Indianapolis.

Whether that’s because of his prolonged season’s struggles down the stretch—which certainly contributed to the Colts’ shocking late year collapse or speculated leadership qualities and/or practice habits that go beyond purely the football field.

This offseason, the Colts are performing their due diligence right now for any and all potential available upgrades—as they rightfully should.

In turn, it may be incredibly difficult to walk Wentz back into that locker room if they come up empty handed regardless, showing a significant lack of confidence in the team’s most important position to his teammates before their 2022 campaign even begins.