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Colts Submit Proposal To Change Current NFL OT Rules

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Seattle Seahawks Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts have submitted a proposal to change the NFL’s current overtime rules, according to Judy Battista, a reporter for NFL Network.

Battista also reports that the proposal asks that ‘both teams be given one possession each in OT.’

If the rule change is approved, it would ‘apply to both the regular season and post-season’ and it’s currently ‘unclear’ how much support there would be league-wide for this big of a change, according to Battista.

Under the NFL’s current rules, each team ‘must possess, or have the opportunity to possess, the ball.’ The only exception to this rule is if the team that possesses the ball first scores a touchdown.

After one of the greatest post-season performances we’ve seen from teams in some time, which saw the game between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs go into overtime, changing the league’s overtime rules became a heavily discussed topic amongst thousands of fans.

Some believed there shouldn’t be any significant rules changes because a touchdown is needed to win the game, and a team is given the chance to stop an opposing offense from scoring. Other fans felt like each team should be granted one possession, even if a touchdown is scored.

In order for the change to go through, 24/32 votes are required, according to Ari Meirov.

We’ll have to see if any other teams join in and propose either the same change or something similar.

If 24 votes are received, perhaps the league could make the change for a season and see how it goes, similar to what they did a few years ago with challengeable pass interference calls.