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Ranking Colts position needs ahead of 2022 NFL Draft, free agency

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images


It’s early in the off-season, and a lot will likely change between now and the NFL Draft in late April. That leaves sports media to run wild with speculation. After all, if there isn’t a story to tell, you’d better create one, right?

There are generally 12 position “groups" and Kevin Bowen, formerly with the Colts and now the host of “The Kevin and Query Show,” ranks 11 of them in a recent article posted to Let’s hope not all 11 are needed, or the Colts are not as close as many seem to think (just a QB away).

1. QB-

“The Colts must explore every possible QB option this offseason. And that comes before they commit to anything at any other position.”

I don't think anyone would argue this, not even the biggest Wentz fans out there. Whether the Colts trade, release, or keep Wentz, QB play has to improve, which is true for over half of the teams in the NFL.

2. DE-

“Finding more of a proven edge rusher in free agency should be something the Colts look into, while also investing a lot into the growth of Paye and Odeyingbo.”

Dayo and Paye could become special players, but has there ever been a coach say, “we just have too many edge rushers.” Keep in mind the defensive coaching change. The Colts will stick with the 4-3, but Paye will likely kick inside for a NASCAR package (think 4 speed rushers), or jump over to the LEO during passing downs. Bottom line, you should never be out of the pass rush market.

3. WR-

“From a quantity and quality standpoint, this position group needs attention. The playoffs should have sent a clear message to the Colts on what elite pass catchers mean.”

Paging Chris Ballard!

4. OT-

“… the long-term solution must come through the draft…. Re-signing utility man Matt Pryor is needed, too.”

Completely agree here. The Colts likely bring back Fisher at LT. During the Rams Super Bowl run, Cam Akers could not have been praised more for his quick return from an Achilles injury. Well, let’s not forget the fact that Fisher was even capable of getting back onto the field that quickly, was an equally amazing feat. Fisher proved to be a very good run blocker, so if he’s able to get back to even league average at pass blocking, he would warrant another payday. However, the need remains the same. You have no 1st round pick, so it’s very unlikely you find a day-one LT in the draft.

5. TE-

“Chris Ballard has wisely acknowledged this as an off-season need… Another dynamic pass catching option is needed to further support who is under center.”

The TE position, like many on this list, has been a need for years. Ballard tried to address it each offseason, adding vets like Eric Ebron and Trey Burton, and drafting/developing guys like Mo Alie-Cox and Kylen Granson. The bottom line is whoever is playing QB for the Indianapolis Colts will need upgrades to this position. The Colts have to find a guy (assuming Doyle retires and Cox re-signs) that can stretch the field and get open behind the linebackers.

You can find 6-11 in Kevin Bowen’s article “Ranking Colts Positions Of Need For 2022 Offseason”.