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Colts Looking to Add Receiving Talent to Trio of Offensive Playmakers this Offseason

New England Patriots v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts’ top brass it looking to add talent to its trio of offensive playmakers, a group that includes reigning NFL First-Team All-Pro running back Jonathan Taylor, electric scatback Nyheim Hines, and ascending 1,000 yard receiver Michael Pittman Jr.—but for an offense that still collectively lacked juice and big play ability in the receiving game:

“Look, you want as many playmakers as you can get, okay?,” Ballard said during his NFL Combine press conference on Tuesday. “I guess that would be the best way to summarize it, which I think we’ve got three really good ones in Jonathan Taylor, who I think is elite; Pittman, who I think is really good; and Nyheim Hines, who we’ve got to get involved more and when he is involved more, we usually do really well offensively.”

“But we need to add some more weapons.”

A sentiment that was similarly shared by his head coach Frank Reich, when he met with the media shortly thereafter in his own presser during the late afternoon:

“I do think we have other playmakers, but of course, we’re no doubt trying to add pieces, add weapons, add players,” Reich said. “Right, this time of year, that’s what everybody’s so excited about now. . . . As far as skill players go, no doubt looking to grow the room.”

Armed with a projected $35.6M of available team salary cap space, the Colts could have some options for a top free agent wideout such as Chris Godwin, Michael Gallup, Mike Williams, or Allen Robinson, but it’s also a pretty deep wide receiver draft class, where someone like say Purdue’s David Bell could potentially pique the team’s interest in Round 2.

Either way, the Colts can’t come away from this offseason empty-handed at wide receiver, because while the current group has some intriguing depth pieces, there’s no clear-cut in-house starting caliber wideout that’s consistently been good enough to pair on the other side of Pittman Jr.

That simply has to change in 2022 and going forward—for this passing game to take a leap.

While the team hasn’t given up on Parris Campbell—nor should they yet, safely penciling him in for a prominent role given his ongoing injury concerns wouldn’t be prudent for an offense that desperately needs additional playmaking in the receiving game.

Who that big addition wide receiver exactly will be remains unclear this early offseason, but rest assured, it needs to safely happen regardless.