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The Coltist Plays Quarterback

Now With Film and a New Podcast Episode!

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Michelle Pemberton/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Let’s start by saying have a Helluva Hump Day, Colts fans! I hope this finds you happy and healthy. I’m writing to tell you that as of today, Wednesday March 30th, 2022, your favorite non-Colts quarterback has lost 54lbs. in 94 days and is currently tucked away on the depth chart of your favorite local semi-pro football team, the Indiana Cutters.

After last season, we lost our starting quarterback (a super-athletic 1st year QB and a lefty at that named Sidney Moore) to arena football. I want to continue to coach, but with little-to-no depth at the quarterback position, the Cutters needed foundational work. Every football team needs a quarterback that is completely invested. Someone that works as hard if not harder than everyone else, holds themselves to a higher standard and ultimately sets the example for the organization. I absolutely am aiming to play starter-quality minutes when my time comes. Up until last night, neither I or Mateo (or any of you, really), had ever seen me play quarterback.

Here’s the latest episode of The Coltist, your new favorite show. New practice/scrimmage/game film every week plus when the Colts do something as an organization other than rest on their laurels after nailing the Matt Ryan trade, we’ll talk more at-length about said goings-on.

Our first scrimmage is April 23rd against a team called the Shockers. What’s better than their name? The fact that they backed out initially and only agreed to scrimmage us after our head coach told them we’d only practiced a couple of times. Haha. I love this game. Until there’s more than the excellent but kinda boring signing of an aging Matt Ryan, here!

You can find the Indiana Cutters and your favorite non-Colts quarterback on Hudl/Twitter (Jared Malott/LikelyAlien).

Have a great rest of your week.