If there ever was a year to draft for need it’s 2022. And, Titans are not better with no AJ

Excellent day two draft for the Colts. Excellent offseason for the Colts. When the colts brought in Yannick and Gilmore, the team was set up to address needs on the offensive side of the ball. I did a Fanpost here stating that, post Gilmore, the Colts could address the three obvious needs, WR, LT, and TE, in the draft. That’s exactly what Ballard did.

This was the year for the Colts front office to put their collective thumbs on the scale of drafting for need. Teams are usually better off going with the BPA approach. Most GM’s, including CB, prefer BPA. The 2022 offseason, for the Colts, is an exception. Colts are a now team. We are pretty much set on defense. Maybe elite on defense. And, we are paying big bucks to some star players, to win now. But, we did have the three obvious needs.

With those needs addressed, I am very comfortable saying the Colts are the favorites to win the AFC south. And, possibly make a deep run in the playoffs. In my opinion, the Titans are not better after trading AJ Brown. Brown has already produced two 1000 yard seasons for the Titans. He also produced against the Colts. He went for 10 catches, and 155 yards in a game against the Colts last year. He can be a game breaker. He’s certainly a very difficult cover. No Brown helps the Colts. Remember the Titans beat us twice last year. If we reverse that we win the division.

We all know why Brown is gone. The Titans didn’t want to fork over the 100 million, or so, for four years, it would take to keep him. They preferred drafting his replacement in Treylon Burks. Burks is a big physical receiver, in the Deebo, or AJ mold. But, it remains to be seen if he can come close to replacing Browns production. Especially in his rookie season.

Titans also brought in Robert Woods. But he’s aging, at 30. And he’s coming off a November ACL tear. So, from my perspective, the Colts are much improved this offseason. The Titans are not. Losing Brown will hurt. So, if the Colts can avoid key longer term, injuries, in 2022, I really believe the division is ours to lose. Colts still need to address long term franchise QB, maybe in the 2023 draft. But, our favorite team looks golden for 2022. No glaring needs. How often can you say that?

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