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Colts Podcast: A primer on new QB Matt Ryan

Get the detailed rundown from a guy who has seen every NFL game Ryan has played.

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Michelle Pemberton/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Indianapolis Colts will be starting yet another different QB for the 2022 season. In trading for Matt Ryan, the team has decided to go with another veteran option for at least this year and possibly more.

Who is Matt Ryan? Well, I’m here to answer that question as someone who has seen every game of his career in the NFL. In my first podcast for Stampede Blue, I dive into the Colts new QB and what fans can expect from him on and off the field.

Some of what’s covered:

  • The kind of man Matt Ryan is on and off the field, and why you won’t hear much about him (which is a good thing)
  • Ryan’s strengths as a QB and why his lack of athleticism is a bit overstated
  • Whether or not concerns over him declining physically are warranted
  • Underrated aspects of his game and why he may be a great fit for the Colts offense
  • Is Ryan enough of an upgrade at QB to put this team back in the playoffs?

As always, you can find the podcast wherever fine podcasts are available or you can listen below:

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