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Colts Podcast: Breaking down the 2022 schedule

Will the timing of the bye week hurt or help this team?

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Robert Scheer/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Now that the NFL has gone through the painful process of revealing the 2022 schedule over multiple days with leaks galore, we now know when the Colts will play the NFC East, their division opponents and more. We break this down on the latest Stampede Blue podcast.

Topics include:

  • The timing of the bye week and whether or not it will hurt or help this Colts team
  • The 4 primetime games, including getting two at home
  • Some of the scheduling quirks that have setup the Colts for some tough stretches
  • Some of the benchmark games in the season that could tell us how the Colts compare to the rest of the AFC
  • The finish to the season and why it could be just what Indy needs to go into the playoffs strong
  • So much more

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