Post-Draft Roster Look at the Offense

QB: Matt Ryan, Sam Ehlinger, James Morgan, Jack Coan

I'm comfortable with starter Matt Ryan. I'm less comfortable with the idea that someone with next to no NFL experience could be thrust into a game if Ryan is hurt. Sam Ehlinger was regarded as smart, but missing elite QB arm strength, and elite QB size. James Morgan and Jack Coan seem like practice squad players who might be useful in practice, and might have a breakout, but are unlikely to displace Ehlinger's hold on the backup slot. A veteran addition for backup seems likely.

RB: Jonathon Taylor, Nyheim Hines, Deon Jackson, D’Vonte Price (UDFA FIU), CJ Verdell (UDFA Oregon State), Max Borghi (UDFA Washington State)

I'm extremely confident in Taylor and Hines. The rest are unknowns. Someone will get a roster spot, and someone a PS spot.

WR: Michael Pittman Jr, Parris Campbell, Ashton Dulin, Keke Coutee, Daz Patmon, Michael Strachan, DeMichael Harris, Alec Pierce, Samson Nacua, (UDFA BYU), Kekoa Crawford (UDFA Cal)

I like Pittman as our WR-1. Pierce is going to get a lot of use. Parris Campbell is lightning fast. Ashton Dulin works hard and is progressing. Patmon and Strachan both have been training camp good. Samson Nacua was a decent human being (played at Utah) who turned evil (transferred to BYU). Despite his talent, you don't want someone like that on the team (JK).

TE: Mo Alie-Cox, Kellen Granson, Farrod Green, Michael Jacobson, Nikola Kalinic, Eli Wolf, Jelly Woods, Andrew Ogletree

The TE group does not have a proven threat. Mo has developed to be an outstanding TE, except with limited rout-running ability, Granson showed very little threat as a receiver. Jelly is the big addition, but he is a rookie. Farrod Green has been hanging around as a decent player. I could see the Colts holding him on the 53 this year. Making the final cuts at TE is going to hurt, and the team may keep 4 or even 5.

OL: Ryan Kelly, Quenton Nelson, Danny Pinter, Will Fries, Matt Pryor, Braden Smith, Bernard Raimann, Shon Coleman, Brandon Kemp, Jordan Murra, Carter O'Donnell, Ryan Van Demark (UDFA UConn), Josh Seltzner (UDFA Wisconsin), Alex Mollette (UDFA Marshall)

The test will come at LT, where we need (again) a replacement for Anthony Castonzo. We also need to figure out a backup at center. And then the RG will get lots of competition.

The offense has a lot of potential. The OL is the biggest question. A good OL will make this offense VERY good. A bad OL, will limit them.Jonathon Taylor will still be at the level of a league leading rusher. Ryan is more than good enough to make the passing game effective. The TE's could be mediocre ... and that hurts a team that likes to use them. The youth and inexperience seems a problem there.

This may be a too soon look at the current group. Signing Rookies and UDFA's may lead to some of the players getting released.

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