Did the NFL actually choose common sense over a bag of money??

The NFL announced today that the NFL's Scouting Combine will remain in Indianapolis for at least two more years, through 2024. NFL EVP of club business and league events, Peter O'Reilly said, "Indianapolis remains the best city to host and grow" [the Combine].

O'Reilly further said, "Indy’s vision brings together its long legacy of successfully hosting the Combine and executing the evaluation process, with an exciting focus on innovating and further growing the even from a fan and media perspective"

Despite multiple bids from other cities, it seems the NFL may have actually heeded the advice of most GM's, scouts and media members to keep the Combine in Indy due to it's convenient central location, easy access to hotels, restaurants, medical and testing facilities.

It remains to be seen whether the NFL will continue to ignore the non-discript bag of Benjamins Jerry Jones and others have continued to dangle outside the league offices to entice a rotating Combine, ala the Draft.

But for now, common sense seems to have prevailed. Who woulda thought??

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