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Colts Pro Bowl CB Kenny Moore II is Not Participating in OTAs as He Seeks to Renegotiate his Contract

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

According to the Indianapolis Star’s Joel A. Erickson, Indianapolis Colts Pro Bowl cornerback Kenny Moore II is attending, but not participating in this week’s OTAs—as he looks to renegotiate his current contract for greater pay:

Moore II initially signed a 4-year, $33.3M contract extension with the Colts in June of 2019, but given the current ‘inflation’ of NFL contracts on an annual basis and his ascension into arguably the league’s top slot cornerback—and he’s now fairly underpaid by league standards.

Some of that was expected though, as Moore II traded in some potential extra earning power in future years for long-term stability (and insurance against a career-threatening injury), as his initial extension already meant he was set financially for life with a guaranteed very well-to-do livelihood for his family and future generations.

However, fresh off his first career Pro Bowl appearance and turning 27 years old in August—with still two seasons left on his current deal, and it’s understandable why Moore II is dissatisfied with his current pay grade—and looking to cash in on a more lucrative deal.

Right now, he’s probably set up for one more big contract before he approaches his early thirties—and it’s not a bad time to try to maximize his playing value, after a career season.

Some will blame the player here for initially signing such a contract in the first place (and still being well paid relatively speaking regardless compared to the rest of society).

That being said, the shelf-live of NFL players is short—and can often be even shorter with injuries. NFL teams can cut veteran players on a whim when such an organization deems that such player is no longer playing to their current contract expectations, but when an NFL player tries to maximize his playing value and hold out, he’s quickly labeled as ‘greedy’.

Moore II wants ‘more money’—and rightfully so right now, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Players have every right to maximize their earning power while they still can. Still currently under contract though, whether he’ll actually get it from the Colts this offseason, remains to be seen.