Other AFC South team Draft Grades

I’ll mainly be talking about the first 3 rounds approximately because all 4 teams tended to roll the dice on athleticism at various positions in the later rounds

1. Jacksonville Jaguars

I can definitely see why Jags fans wanted to go full clown face. Seriously, how did Trent Baalke get a second GM job after sucking in San Francisco? Anyway, Travon Walker at number 1 was a stupid pick considering Hutchinson and Thibodeaux are more polished prospects when it comes to rushing the passer. Walker has the athletic traits to potentially be the best edge rusher in the class but you don’t pick on potential at 1 overall. Devin Lloyd was ok as far as where he went but Jacksonville should’ve invested in help for Trevor Lawrence instead. Like Fortner from Kentucky wasn’t bad as well but this team should’ve invested in offensive line sooner. This pick looks worse in that 12 picks later, the Colts got a likely day 1 left tackle in Bernard Raimann. Chad Muma from Wyoming was again, not bad but this overall draft would’ve been better had they drafted him where they did but then earlier drafting WR/OL instead of Lloyd. Paying Myles Jack would’ve helped too.

This team basically signed Christian Kirk, Zay Jones, and Evan Engram and thought their offense was set. There weren’t necessarily epically bad picks but failing to get Lawrence some help gets this draft an F

2. Houston Texans

With the weak QB class this draft had, the Texans did better with their choices than Jacksonville. While Kenyon Green was a reach, he’ll likely be a solid guard. Other picks like Jalen Pitre, John Metchie, and Christian Harris all fit the draft spots they went in and seem like at least decent players with higher ceilings. Houston made the right move by not going QB and investing in other areas. Davis Mills will be the starting QB and that means either he plays well enough or Houston will be drafting top 5 again next year in a better QB class. I’d give this draft a B

3. Tennessee Titans

I’d say this was a mixed bag of a draft. I like Treylon Burks as a prospect but the problem is that the Titans traded away AJ Brown. I understand that Brown missed some games last year and that Christian Kirk reset the WR market with his contract but this team was built to win now and coming off of a division title. Maybe the plan is for the team to be good in 2 years but where would Derrick Henry be in that timeline? I had no issue with the other picks in the first 3 rounds but I will say my favorite is Malik Willis. I agree with what the talking heads say about how he needs to sit and develop but if he does develop, he could easily be some demigod combo of Josh Allen and Steve McNair. That being said, how many teams over the years have drafted a QB that needs development but then throw him into starting at some point in year 1? If I look at this through the lens of winning now, this draft gets a C, if I grade based off 2 years from now, I’d estimate a grade of B+. Trading AJ Brown pretty much just handed the Colts the division though, because Burks isn’t going to be AJ Brown on day 1

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