10 Picks contest results, sorta kinda?

Contestant Correct Tie-breaker UDFA

BlueCrush 1 57%

Zherebyonki 3 27.84%

69coltsfan 2 85%

Kyle Swagger 2 23% Van Demark

Cq.noble 3 40%

Vice-Potentate 2 80%

Awayne XLII 1 91% Jojo Domann

Protect12 0 30%

UNCCOLT 3 missing

Coltscrazy813 3 75%

Tunza1 3 33%

vinfromJersey 1 71%

MillerTime31 3 missing Van Demark

Rustbelter 0 70%

HGRex 1 68% Coan

Lucktastic 2 88%

PACMULE4 3 50% Van Demark

Mr Too Proud 0 88%

Pat Wade 0 55%

Drkato9 0 55%

New Britski 2 45%

JDMBApastor 2 30%

Votingmachine 2 40%

Bob2006 3 missing

Polska07 2 59%

Webmaster slim 0 62%

Simply Pigpen 1 72% Van Demark

DukeColts12 3 45% Van Demark

LuckGoodCalf 0 48%

Curtis32 0 40%

Clydesdales 0 68%

My alignment takes a shit when I preview this, and I do not know how to present it better?

Lets start with UDFA, as I am struggling to find definitive signings. lists Coan, Van Demark, and Flowers. However, I've seen much lengthier lists and I know I saw Jojo Domann on that list. So, as I am totaling, I have only counted those 4 players towards UDFA signings. I need your help on who is actually signed.

As it stands right now, here is what I have:

31 entries

9 entries with 0 correct or 29%

9 entries with 3 correct.

Zherebyonki had 3 correct entries and predicted 27.84%

Based on what I have available, I am prepared to declare Zherebyonki the winner, but I also want to hear out anyone who thinks they have a guy who should count. Another name could give one of the 9 contestants a 4th correct name, or it could give someone who is currently listed as an O'fer (myself included) a name that would remove them from the zero correct status.

I'll check in tomorrow to see if other names need to be considered.

By the way, congratulation in general to site members. I think 3 right would win this thing 8 out of 10 years, so having 9 of you hit on 3 is quite a feat!!

I think we may be onto to something?

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