Ryan also playing for legacy

From all initial reports, we are getting everything we hoped for when we traded for Matt Ryan. His communication, intelligence, and accuracy are coming as advertised. I think we are getting an unexpected bump in one more facet, urgency.

From what we get to hear about from camp, it sounds like Ryan is taking the bull by the horns and righting wrongs wherever he sees them. I think he is demanding his teammates to look at the upcoming season with more than just hopes. Ryan's agenda starts this year. He can put his name among the greats, with a great 4th quarter of his career. Two more appearances in the SB, make his numbers look more like Kelly's than Fouts or Rivers. Win one of those two SBs and you get off of that "Great, but never won one" schnied. Win two and now you are looking at a lock to wear that yellow jacket the day you are eligible.

Someone needs to be able to look at the guy who f'd up a play and hold them accountable. I don't think that is the forte of the head coach. I think Ryan will look at these sorts of plays as infringements on his legacy. I can see him calling out a guy more often than anyone we've had recently. Not as an asshole looking to divert the attention from pass in the dirt, or a sideline chuck, but as someone who knows that this game is hard when everyone does their job, and damn near impossible when assignments are missed. After all, unless TY returns, he has about 10 more years of experience than everyone on that offense.

He's not seeing himself as a stop-gap until we unearth our next franchise QB and I don't think he'll let anyone fool themselves into thinking that there will always be next year to win big. The time is now.

Not to change sports, but I'm feeling a Hoosiers reference, however, I have to paraphrase since I do not recall the exact quote. "With Jimmy, it's all coming together."

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