Intriguing WR Terry Mclaurin Trade Rumor

The most recent NFL trade rumor has a potential deal that would send disgruntled Commanders' WR (and Indianapolis native) , Terry Mclaurin, to the Colts.

Now, before I get too deep into this, WAS coach, Ron Rivera, has already taken to Twitter to declare the Commanders have no intention of dealing Mclaurin (and they just traded for Carson Wentz, so why would you turn around and take away his best weapon?)

Having said that, there are reports that rookie WR Jahan Dotson is projected to ultimately take over the #1 WR spot (and be cheaper option on a rookie contract than paying Mclaurin) as well as concern that Wentz may not be the long term answer at QB and there will be a need for more draft capitol in upcoming drafts to find a franchise QB. So a trade of Mclaurin might make some sense from those perspectives.

From the Colts' perspective, this would be something that Ballard should absolutely explore. In his three seasons, Mclaurin has over 3,000 yards receiving and 16 TDs while averaging close to 14 YPC. He's also on the final year of his rookie deal with a base of about $3 million, so the Colts are gonna have to pay him in addition to giving up draft capitol just to get him.

Speaking of which, just what would it take to get him? Well, it's probably going to cost at least a 1st round pick. let's get creative and say the Colts make an offer of sending the pick back to Washington they gave the Colts for Wentz as well as next year's second and maybe even a future 3rd or 4th. Or better yet, instead of multiple lower round picks, swap WR Paris Campbell, and next year's #2 ( a Buckeye for a Buckeye.)

As for what to pay Mclaurin, give him a very big cash bonus and restructure his deal as more cap friendly and base his new salary around 12-15 million per. (maybe as a 'hometown kid, we'll take a hometown discount.)

Imagine a Colts' young receiving core of Pittman, Mclaurin and Pierce paired with this running game? Matt Ryan could be 57 and still find success with this group.

What do you guys think he's worth? Would Washington even be dumb enough to trade him just to avoid paying him market WR $$$?

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