RIP, Goose....

Just saw that Tony Siragusa passed away at 55. He will always be one of my favorite Colts. I met him a couple of times and not only was a good guy but he was also a larger-than-life character.

The first time I met him was 1996 in the bathroom at Landshark's in Broad Ripple (don't get your hopes up, it's not that kind of story). I was about to do my business when a large man stepped up to the urinal to my right. I looked over and saw Goose....I was so distracted that I couldn't "go" for what felt like a lifetime. Goose notices that I'm just staring at the wall, leans over and says "What's the matter little fella, stage fright?", zips ups and walks out. He bought me a pitcher of beer afterwards and told that story to my then girlfriend. Good times.

To this day, I can't believe he didn't wash his hands.

RIP, Goose.

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