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Colts Podcast: Does Indy have the best defense in the AFC South now?

We break down each offensive position group to land at the answer

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

In last week’s podcast, we talked about whether or not Chris Ballard has put together a good enough offense to be the best of the AFC South. This week, we dive into the defenses of the AFC South to determine if the Colts are the best overall unit or if the Titans reign supreme.

Topics discussed:

  • The defensive fronts of all four teams and why the addition of Yannick Ngakoue will make a big difference but may not be enough to put the Colts on top
  • The linebacker groups of all four teams and why Darius Leonard - even with a bum ankle - is still the difference maker here
  • The corners across the AFCS and how Indianapolis really vaulted forward with the signing of Stephon Gilmore
  • Why the Titans have the best safety duo right now, but the Colts have an incredibly promising unit that could challenge here
  • How these teams rank as we head into the 2022 season

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