Kelly Stafford Spills Tea on Atlanta Falcons' Handling of Matt Ryan / Deshaun Watson Situation

A while back, Kelly Stafford, in her normal outspoken self, provided some additional context to how the Falcons handled the entire Deshaun Watson sweepstakes, which ultimately led to Matt Ryan's departure from ATL. (Thanks Guys!)

Matt Ryan always handled things professionally when talking to the media about the situation, but given her background info, as well as the obvious emotions involved, I don't think it would be a stretch to stay the Ryan's were probably equally as pissed (if not more so).

Given this context, it makes his move to the Colts for a 3rd rd pick even more understandable. After that move, the Falcons knew they had to make a move with Ryan, and did not want that situation to become toxic. I have no doubt that he picked his spot and they had no choice but to oblige.

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