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Colts Podcast: How does Indy stack up against the AFC West?

Is it time for the Chiefs to take a step back in the AFC?

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

On this week’s podcast we fly from the East coast over to the other side of the US to talk about the teams of the AFC West. Arguably one of the most talented divisions in the NFL (if not THE most talented), this division features four teams with good starters at QB. Will the division be dominated by the Kansas City Chiefs again? Is it time for the LA Chargers to take the crown? Will Josh McDaniels lead the Raiders to the top? Is Russell Wilson enough to take the Broncos from last to first?

We take a look at all four teams - and most importantly - how the Colts match-up with each of them. You may be surprised at the results. Topics include:

  • The impact Russell Wilson will have on the Denver Broncos and why he immediately makes them a potential playoff team
  • The insanely talented Justin Herbert and whether or not his Chargers are ready to surge ahead to the top of the AFC West
  • The Raiders and their potential to slip back in the division despite adding new head coach Josh McDaniels
  • Whether or not Derek Carr can compensate for an offensive line with issues
  • The exaggerated “down season” for Patrick Mahomes and why you shouldn’t believe any stories about his regression
  • Whether or not Kansas City can compensate for losing Tyreek Hill
  • So much more

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