Brady should get to call some plays

This isn't about bashing Frank for his play calling. I still do not believe he gets the plays in quickly enough, but I think Rivers was as responsible for calling plays as Frank was, two years ago and I'll go ahead and place the blame on Wentz for checking out of too many running plays last year.

No, my desire for Brady to get to call some plays is two fold.

1st, at least two minority O coordinators have struggled to get head coaching gigs in Bieniemy and Leftwich. I think much of this is that they haven't called the offensive plays. I'm of the mind that we will lose Brady at some point anyway, so get him prepared so that we can get the 3rd compensatory pick, or make sure he is ready if needed.

2nd, Frank is a guy who in my opinion will miss some games along the way for weddings, birth of a grandchild, baptism, or Bible School camp at some point. I just believe his priorities will see him miss some games along the way, so why not let Brady get his feet wet within some lower level scenarios? I also think Frank could be a "hang em up early" kind of guy, so if Brady is the incumbent, he needs to be ready.

Maybe a full preseason game, a scripted start to a game, or even the milking the clock situation, would allow him to get a feel for the pace.

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